Races, Races, and More Races


The last few days have seen me register for a plethora of races.  I’m certain Susan and my checkbook hope that I cool it off for a little while.  But, I now have every month except August booked with at least one race, and there are two good options for that month, with no real need to register too early.  And surprisingly, as it stands now, my busiest month of races will be July, which means I better to acclimated to the Memphis heat and humidity!  There is a wide variety of distances represented in my running schedule over the next couple of months, and can easily be adapted into my training schedule.

Now, let’s explore the new races!

Thursday, May 23:  Zoom Through the Zoo 4 Miler: This is the first of the four races that comprise the first ever M-Town Race Series.  Theses four races are staples of the Memphis racing scene and all are evening races in an attempt to compensate for the heat and humidity.

Friday, June 7: Harbortown 5K: The second race in the M-Town Series and it is the only one that I will not be able to run due to a scheduling conflict. However, since it was the same cost to register for the series versus registering for the other three races individually, I decided to register for the entire series.  I’m not sure want the series perks are, but I should get some value from the series.

Saturday, June 15: Gibson Guitar 5K: The third race in the M-Town Series and this probably is the most popular race in the entire series and is one that I have wanted to run for a couple of years now.  The only downside is that this race is on Father’s Day weekend, so I won’t have a very long to visit my parents that weekend.

Saturday, June 15, through June 22: Boston Remembrance Virtual Run: I debated about running this, but I caved.  The goal is to complete 26.2 miles during the week, whether it be all in one run or split daily.  Participants will receive a pair of socks and a nice looking medal while proceeds are going to the One Fund Boston.

Wednesday, July 3: Stars and Stripes 5K: The fourth and final race of the M-Town series is also the newest, and easiest to get to from my home.  How could you not run in a race that celebrates America?

Sunday, September 1: Tupelo 14.2:  I may be crazy for signing up for this race, but I could not shake the desire to run it.  The race is run at 5:00 in the morning since the first day of September is typically a brutally hot time of year here in the south.  I am currently in my early training stage for this race, and the weather is already getting hot.  It will only get worse from here, but it will be something that I can manage.  I feared that I missed registering for the event because due to a glitch withing the system, registration was cutoff at 350 total participants, not 350 marathon participants and 300 14.2 participants.  A quick email to clarify the situation enabled the registration process to be opened back up and I became the 351st person to register for the races that weekend.

These races will be my first 4 miler and 14.2, along with my second 10K and 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th 5K’s!

These races are in addition to my previously scheduled virtual runs on July 4 (Captain America 5K and First Avenger 10K) and my very own Platinum Sombrero 5K (registration is still open, sign up today).  I will be having a very busy summer of running, and once it subsides, I will have to crank it back up for training for my first ever marathon (WDW Marathon) and two more half marathons (4 Bridges and St. Jude Half).

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