Run For Your Lives, Not So Much


So my six month quest to run in the Run For Your Lives event has come to an end.  I got an email today saying that the event in Tennessee has been canceled.  For those of you uncertain what this event is, it is an obstacle race in which participants run from zombies while maneuvering through obstacles like a maze, blood pit, and smokehouse.  The event was originally scheduled to be ran on March 30, 2013.  This date led me to register for the Germantown Half Marathon on March 17 and skip the Oak Barrel Half Marathon on April 6.  Then, the race was rescheduled.  I got an email stating that there was a scheduling conflict and the event was moved to April 13.  This wasn’t an ideal date since I had a wedding to attend that evening, Warrior Dash was the following weekend, and I still couldn’t register for the Oak Barrel Half, but I stuck with it.  I also noticed that it must have been one heck of a scheduling conflict because events in Texas, Missouri, and Florida were also moved.  Then, two months later, I got another email stating that the event was moved again.  There was no real explanation of why, they just moved it to November 9!  Really, postponing the event seven months later than the first reschedule.  I really wanted to do this race, and I had already paid for it, so I stuck with it, even though it is quite unprofessional to continually change your event like this.  Also, the Oak Barrel Half was now sold out, so I could not participate in that race either.  Today’s email simply said that “Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will no longer have our Tennessee event…”  Circumstances out of our control?  Really?  If they could have got their stuff together in the spring, we would have already run the event, had some fun, and we would be eagerly awaiting next year’s event.  Now, they have left a very bitter taste in the mouth of numerous perspective Tennessee participants.  Their response on Facebook was “I don’t have all the details, just know the circumstances were out of our control this time.”  This time?  So they basically confirmed that their laziness/incompetence were the previous two detriments.

Email/Facebook from Run For Your Lives

Email/Facebook from Run For Your Lives

It is so frustrating that a national race cannot get their stuff together to host an event, and constantly use vague verbiage to cover for their ineptness.  Oh well, I need to find a new obstacle race now.  At least my money was refunded, and that money will probably go to another two races.  Yeah, I forgot to mention early that even with early registration, this event was about twice as expensive as Warrior Dash, and after the first reschedule, prices dropped, but early registrants were not given the difference in the discounted rate.  Even if the race returns to Tennessee, I will probably skip it.  I just cannot accept that with a six month window, nothing could be worked out.