Health Screening


We had free health screenings today at work, so I took advantage of it.  It is never a bad thing to know your cholesterol counts, blood pressure, and such, not mention the lower insurance premiums that Cigna is dangling in front of us to get screened (albeit that the discounts don’t start until July 2014).  I had a physical for my life insurance back in January, so I was curious to see what my numbers would be today.  I knew what the range most of my levels were supposed to be going into the screening, but I was curious what the nurses administering the tests today would say.

  • Total Cholesterol: My score was 125.  The desirable and lowest listed range is 125-199.  No worries here.
  • HDL Cholesterol: This is the “good” cholesterol and your want a higher number.  My score: 41.  This is in the decreased risk factor interval, but barely.  The nurse told me to exercise more (I did 5-6 times a week), stop smoking (I never was a smoker), and drink less alcohol (I haven’t had a drink in a couple of weeks).  My independent research led me to the conclusion that I need to east more Omega-3 fatty acids, drink a little more alcohol (glass of wine at dinner), lose weight (duh), and boost my vitamin B.
  • Triglycerides: My score was 100. Optimal is anything under 150, so I’m golden.
  • LDL Cholesterol: My score was 64.  Optimal is 55-99 so again, I was golden.
  • Non-HDL Cholesterol: My score was 84.  Optimal is anything less than 130, so I’m good here as well.
  • Total Cholesterol to HDL Cholesterol Ratio: My ratio was 3.1.  Optimal is less than or equal to 3.5.
  • Glucose: My score was 100.  This is 1 point higher than optimal, but upon reading the literature, the 65-99 scale they used was for fasting glucose (only water for 8 hours prior to screening) and since I had just eaten, my target range was 70-119, which I was comfortably within.
  • Blood Pressure: My score was 124/84, which is just over the targeted levels and I almost always hover between 118 and 125 on the top number, and 80 and 85 on the bottom number.  I am not too alarmed by this.
  • BMI:  My score was 36.  This places me firmly in the obese range.  I’m working on that.  You can read an alternative take on BMI here.
  • Weight: My weight was 246.5 pounds.  This was over nine pounds heavier than my weight this morning at home.  Of course, I had eaten three times prior to the test and I was fully clothed, with my shoes, belt, wallet, and the such.  But even with all of that, that large of a fluctuation is not normal.  The last time I went to the doctor, my home scale was close to her scale.

All and all, I am pleased with my results.  All of my numbers are very close to what they were during my last physical and the only true problem areas I already knew were problem areas.  I substitute some fish for beef or chicken a couple times a week, cut out a sweet or two, and focus a little harder on my cross training, and I should continue on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.  I wonder what these numbers would have been before my initial push to getting healthier back in February 2010?  It may seem odd to share my personal scores like this, but with this being a running blog and a way for me to stay on track with my health, I thought it was appropriate.  Plus, it is highly likely that someone out there will have more knowledge/perspective on the issue and I could learn from that.  And it is not like I am revealing my social security number, which happens to be 021….