Motivation Monday


I know that I have posted a lot today, but I wanted to share a couple more things.  I was browsing the internet for something to post for Motivation Monday and my landing on the webpage for Saucony.  It was on the Saucony site that I find the image that I will be using today as well as a cool little product that Saucony has for pre-order with 100% of the sale being donated to The One Fund Boston.  I also found this amazing blog post about running a marathon.  If it were on WP, I would just reblog it.  Now, let’s look at the motivation.  This image is rather self explanatory and goes off of the #findyourstrong movement that Saucony has going on right now.



The second item I found was a cheap way to carry some Boston inspiration with you as well as donate a little money to The One Boston Fund.  Saucony is selling a #BostonStrong Lace Medallion to wear on your running shoes.  This is a great way to remember those in Boston on any run that you may go on, and at a very nominal fee of $5.00.  And 100% of the sale will be donated to The One Boston Fund.  The items are on a pre-sale status and you will get them as soon as they are available, which is being advertised as four weeks.  Also, if you have converted to Lock Laces, you can still wear this medallion, but it might be a little loose.  And if you are interested in trying Lock Laces, go to their website, buy a pair, use the promo code KYLEJUDE to get free shipping and 20% of that sale will go directly to St. Jude (shameless plug).

#BostonStrong Lace Medallions

#BostonStrong Lace Medallions

Here is a quick gym update for the day.  A couple of months ago when I was joining my new gym, I remarked that the new gym was just a sh0rt run from my house once I was healthy.  Well, I have been running for a few weeks now, but I have only ran to the gym once.  And today, I decided to run there again.  Round trip, my run was 4.17 miles today, and did the miles at a 9:53 pace.  In the middle of the four plus running miles, I did a twenty minute dumbbell lifting set focusing primarily on my upper body.  I did all of my stretching once I got home and felt great.  Maybe I will make this my Monday routine.  We shall see.  But if I do, I need to make sure that I bring a sweat rag because the last few times that I have gone to the gym, they have had no towels available.

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