May the Fourth Be With You Virtual 5K


On Saturday, May 4th , I ran in the appropriately named May the Fourth Be With You 5K.  This was a virtual race with proceeds being donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was  geared towards the nerdier sect of runners.  May the Fourth is in reference to the Star Wars movie franchise and is a representation of “may the force be with you” which, if you have seen any of the movies, you have definitely heard this phrase before.  I ran the race on the streets of my neighborhood on cold and rainy day.  It has rained for six straight days here in Memphis, so finding a window to run outside was almost impossible.  Here in Memphis, May 4 the past two years have been record setters in the weather almanac.  Last year we hit a record high of 91 degrees, and this year we hit a record low of 36 degrees.  The 36 degrees also happens to be the lowest temperature ever recorded in the month of May in Memphis!

May the Fourth Medal

May the Fourth Medal

My run felt great, even though I was inches away from being plowed over by a car.  About a half a mile into my run, I noticed that I forgot to wear my RoadID bracelet but I didn’t want to head back to the house.  Probably two minutes later, I hear a car screeching to a halt to my immediate right.  I was running across an intersection with a stop sign when this happened and I certainly had the right of way.  When I approached the intersection, there was no cars in sight, so I ran on.  Then I heard the noise and noticed the car sliding towards me.  Thankfully it did not hit me, but the driver and I did exchange a couple of choice words with one another.  What the driver fails to realize is that if I hadn’t been running, he would have run the stop sign and would have met the front bumper of a truck traveling down the other road.  But, I do know for future runs, if I forget my RoadID, I will go back home to get it.  Besides my run in with this driver, my entire run went well.  This was my best run, in regards to pace, since returning from injury.  I completed 3.21 miles with a pace of 9:23 per mile.

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