The Great Shoe Search 2013


Yesterday was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC and one of Susan’s bridesmaids (actually, one of only three people that knew Susan and I separately prior to our relationship) ran it as her first half marathon.  She has been training for several months, and once the big day came, she was very excited and wanted to soak in the entire experience (as well she should have).  Well, Nike never half asses an event (a lot like Disney in this respect) and they never let an opportunity to make a dollar elapse either (again, like Disney).  So, of course, a women’s specific Nike event means that there will be a limited edition shoe, and in this case, that means a Tiffany blue pair of Nike Free 5.0+.  These shoes are the thing to get at these events (apparently) and our friend was lucky enough to buy a pair.  Of course once Susan saw these, she really wanted a pair as well.  But after coming to the realization that the only two ways to score a pair of these shoes was run in a Nike Women’s Half Marathon event or pay an exorbitant amount via eBay (like the runDisney New Balances), Susan moved on to wanting to buy a new pair of shoes period.

Tiffany blue Nike w/ We Run DC 4.28.13 on the tongue

Tiffany blue Nike w/ We Run DC 4.28.13 on the tongue

Our first stop was to the Sports Authority by the house.  The rationale was that Susan’s best friend had been there the week prior and saw a pair of shoes that Susan really liked.  Of course, when we got there, the shoe in question was not in stock in Susan’s size.  So we looked at some other options and Susan finally decided on a pair of Nike Free 5.0.  She had no plans in running in them, but she liked the way that they looked and thought they were comfortable.  Or at least initially they were comfortable.  Within the first 30 minutes of wearing the shoes, the sides of her feet were going numb.  Not good, so I returned the shoes and took Susan to the local Fleet Feet to have a foot assessment done.  The first thing Susan saw at the store was a sign that read “Do not buy running shoes by how they look.”  Great, Susan has already got a reason to be resistant to what the employees are going to advise her of today.  And after the initial assessment, they bring Susan three horribly ugly pairs of shoes that even if they were free, she would not wear.  And the lady even told Susan that the look was not the most important part.  That was not the greatest of sales strategies for someone not looking for a pair of shoes to run a marathon in.  But, at least we now know to be looking for a neutral shoe and the proper size as well.

Our next stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods, and they had a better section than the Sports Authority and their shoes were clearing marked with a color-coded system to separated neutral, stability, and minimalist shoes.  It was quite helpful.  The only problem was that they did not have any neutral shoes in Susan’s size.  OR that is at least what we were told.  The sales associate was a high school aged kid wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt that kept disappearing.  We are now 0 – 3.  We decide to go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods at Wolfchase in an attempt to exhaust all options, and it was a great thing that we did.  They had a different selection of shoes that the previous store, as well as a sales associate that was determined to find Susan a pair of shoes.  Susan had multiple pairs of shoes to decide upon here and settled on a pair of Saucony ProGrid Ride 5’s.  She wore them last night without an issue, and is trying them out at work today.  Hopefully she made the right choice.

Susan's New Shoes

Susan’s New Shoes

During all of this shoe shopping, I also decided to purchase a new pair of shoes.  My current pair of shoes are too small, especially for running (completely my fault for not researching) so when I came across a pair of Saucony Grid Cohesion 5’s very cheap, I decided that go ahead and buy them.  Even if I don’t like them as well as the Saucony Triumph 10’s I wore the other night, for the price I bought them, I will get my money’s worth out of them for sure.  Of course, I nearly made a similar sizing mistake to my last shoe purchase.  I ended up going to two stores and made one return to finally land the correct pair of shoes.  And after getting injured, I am dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to avoid the avoidable injuries.

My New Shoes

My New Shoes

We also both bought some new socks, because you can always use more socks, especially when you are a runner.  I also bough a sensor pocket for my Nike iPod sensor so I can use it with my new shoes when needed.  With all of the purchases, coupons, returns, and such, I ended up qualifying for a couple of promotions (that I really shouldn’t have with the returns) that saved us about $20 on the purchases!

After skipping it last week, I will for sure have a Motivational Monday post sometime today.

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