Platinum Sombrero Sponsor #11


The eleventh sponsor of the Platinum Sombrero 5K, and third to commit today is Sprigsville.  Sprigsville is the home of Sprigs, Banjees-wrist wallets, Earbags and more innovative, functional apparel and accessories (taken directly from their Facebook page, like it here).  The company has graciously donated 50 (yes 50!) of their Banjees-wrist wallets in an assortment of colors!  Banjees are great for running because you can store a variety of items, from cash, I.D.’s, and car keys all the way up to you iPod or cell phone!  They are also offering a 15% discount when using the promo code Platinumsombrero15 from June 15, 2013 through July 15, 2013, that can be used on the several other products on their site, like no tie bandanas, visors, yoga pants, and Earbags, to name a few.

Sponsor #11

Sponsor #11

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