Platinum Sombrero Sponsor #5


Sponsors are piling up fast! The fifth sponsor is Bulu Box, which is a company that sends you an assortment of vitamins, supplements, and health products monthly so you can try these products at a low cost to see if they will work for you.  Each month, the products change, and there are several different subscription options.  They also reward you for reviewing products that you sample with a points system that can be redeemed on their site.  Bulu Box has agreed to give each race participant one free box or $10 off a subscription.  I will email out the promo code once registration has closed, and flyer will give you a step by step account of how to redeem the code.  Go like them on Facebook.

Sponsor #5

Sponsor #5

When ordering a box from Bulu Box, shipping is free, and you can sign up for a single month, three month, six month, or a one year subscription (with a $10 discount) to have these high end samples delivered to your door.  There is even a weight loss box option!  Check out some of the premium brands featured here.

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