Prayers for Boston


Words cannot even begin to describe how dispicable today’s actions in Boston were.  All over the internet, the running community has been offering inspiration and ideas of unity.  I thought that I would do my part and share some of what I have seen.

First, many runners are pledging to wear race shirts tomorrow.  If your work dress code will not permit you to wear a race shirt (as mine does), people are suggesting wear a race shirt as you base layer, or wear some other race gear, as your shoes or watch.

Second, I have seen the following picture on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram several times this afternoon:


Third, the team over at Run Junkees are organizing a virtual run tomorrow.  No registration fees or medals, just runners being unified to remember those affected by today’s tragedy.   They are encouraging people to run any distance tomorrow starting at 8:00 am and ending at 11:00 pm on Saturday night.  Here is the bib: boston_memorial_run_bib

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