FedEx St Jude Classic Fairway 5K


Today was supposed to be the day that I tried not to become a zombie, but since the Run For Your Lives event in Nashville got postponed until November, I had availability today.  And since I was injured, it looked like today was going to remain as an open date.  But, I started to heal, and was finally able to start running a little bit in the last two weeks.  Sadly, all of the progress I had made in my training for the Germantown Half Marathon had subsided, so I am building from scratch once again.  Of course, this isn’t the worst thing in the world since I tend to push myself and if I could have, I probably would have run more than I should have with my injured foot/ankle.  The cautious approach led me wait much longer than I normally do to register for a race.  I wanted to make sure I could complete the race pain-free before committing to it.  I waited until Wednesday night of this week to register, and I am very glad that I did.

First, the event was for St. Jude, which is always a worthwhile event in my book.  Second, today’s weather, after a nippy start to the morning, has been incredible.  It has been sunny all day with temps creeping into the lower 70’s.  Third, running around TPC Southwind is very scenic.  Fourth, the race was organized very well, with a simple shirt and medal design that I liked very much.  Fifth, I was able to run the entire race pain-free, so now I feel that I am back on the right track!  And sixth, a St. Jude patient sang the National Anthem before the event, and did an excellent job.  She even hitting the high notes.  It was great when someone from the charity you are helping is at these events.

Swag: Shirt, medal, bib, & 1 day pass to FedExSt Jude Classic

Swag: Shirt, medal, bib, & 1 day pass to FedEx St Jude Classic

I was able to run the entire race without stopping or walking, so at least a 5K is a baseline for my running once again.  I finished with a time of 30:17, which is honestly better than I was expecting.  But more importantly, my foot did not bother me once during the run and I have remained pain-free thus far all day.  As of last night, 868 people had registered for the event, and I am certain that more were added to the list during this morning’s pre-race registration.  That is a great turnout considering that today was the inaugural running of this event.  Several people set PR’s today on the fast course, so that is promising for next year.  If my schedule permits, I will definitely signup for this race again.

FedEx St Jude 5k Race Medal

FedEx St Jude 5k Race Medal

Swag: A: Any 5K that gives out a medal will get a high grade from me.  Throw in a long sleeve Zorrel Dri-Balance shirt, a one day pass to the FedEx St. Jude Classic golf tournament, throw in your  usual assortment of local coupons and samples, and you have some very solid swag.

Course: A-: You ran through residential streets as well as the cart paths around the 17th and 18th holes.  Everyone thought that the course was fast, and really flat.  I can only think of one hill, and it was a short, steep one on the golf course.

Overall: A: This may be the best 5K experience I have had.  This is in part due to the great weather, lots of swag, scenic course, and great event management.  Wrangling 800+ people through cart paths on a golf course is not an easy task.  Also, the post race Bloody Mary stand may have helped as well!