Quick Injury Update


I went back to the orthopedist today for my follow up about my peroneal tendonitis, and got some good news.  The doctor was encouraged by my progress and moved me from the boot to an ankle brace.  This was a week ahead of my original prognosis and according to the doctor today, I am very fortunate.  She said that usually she has people wear the boot for a couple of months, so I’m happy that isn’t me.  I need to wear the ankle brace for a couple of weeks, and while working out after that.  I have to wait at least another week before I can start a running program again.  And even then, I’ll have to take it slow.  I will start with a light jog for a mile to see how my tendons react, and if all goes well, I will add speed or distance each subsequent run/jog.  Hopefully I will have no setbacks so I can run well for Warrior Dash on the 20th.

Yes, those are dinosaurs

Yes, those are dinosaurs

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