Germantown Half Marathon


Today was originally supposed to be my third half marathon, but thanks to my recent diagnosis of peroneal tendonitis I was unable to run the race.  And this was quite unfortunate because my training times were steadily improving and the weather today was very comfortable at fifty-five degrees and cloudy.  I was expecting to PR today, and after seeing the weather and other runners I know setting PR’s today, I am still confident that I would have set a PR.  Oh well, there is no need to cry about it now.  I did, however, compete in the Mayor’s Cup 5K, which is the 5K associated with the half marathon, in my walking boot.  Yep, I decided to risk injury to my properly working leg as well as worsening my peroneal tendonitis today for pride, I suppose.  After the first mile today, I was considering attempting to walk the entire course because I was feeling good, but I kept my machismo in check enough to avoid attempting the entire 13.1 with the walking boot on.  I finished the 5K course in 57:30, which is not too bad for a one-legged man I guess.  I made sure to check with the official time-keeper after I finished since I was originally registered for the half marathon and had to switch to the 5K this week.  And it is a good thing that I did, because I was still listed as a half marathon finisher and the time of 57:30 would have placed me first overall for the entire event with a 4:24 pace!   Sadly, by the time I crossed the line, all of the medals had been given out, so no bling for the race today.  The people the finished directly after me were not too happy about this, and apparently they weren’t alone with their complaints.  I guess the race director heard the complaints because more are going to be ordered.

Overall: C: The expo was really just a number and shirt pickup with two vendors, packets were just your number and shirt, and running both the 5K and half marathon from the same corrals probably wasn’t ideal.  In fact, there were four corrals, but everyone just kind of started at the same time.  The race did, however, begin on time and had chip timing.

Swag: D: Extreme shortage of medals for the 5K, plain medals for the half, ugly shirts (but they were at least tech shirts), and nothing else.  There were two water coolers, one with water, one with Gatorade post race, and a table and half of food.  This was the least post race refreshments of any race I have run over the past three years.

Course: B:  It appears to be very conducive to PR and does a great job of incorporating the entire city.

Most importantly though, is I avoided any injury today and my plan of at least one race per month in 2013 is still intact!