Wednesday Roundup


Yesterday was the big test day, and my unofficial results on the GRE were comfortably above the minimum needed for acceptance to graduate school.  The test was only slightly nerve racking and I’m very thankful that I used a study guide for the past few weeks.  Otherwise, I would have been completely lost.   Now, I need to focus on the rest of my admissions materials, which hopefully won’t be as time consuming as the test prep proved to be.

The Germantown Half Marathon is this weekend and I’m thinking about walking a part of the race this weekend.  I have already paid for the race, so unless I complete the entire 13.1, I’m going to lose money.  The race does offer an option to register next year at a discounted rate of $25 (from the early registration fee of $45) for anyone registered and unable to run this weekend.  You just contact the races hosts (which I already have) and then save their email response until registration opens for next year’s event.  At that point, you contact the race director and you should get a link to the discounted registration.  It is a decent option, especially for those of us straddled with an injury, but I have some reservations about it.  It is very likely that I delete this email over the next eight months and then, I am SOL.  There is also the possibility that the race will fall during spring break and Susan and I will be out of town during the event.  I am tempted to show up as scheduled on race day and just walk the 5K that is associated with the race.  My rationale is that either option means that I am going to eat about $25 of my registration fee, but this way, I at least do something associated with the race.  Plus, my 2013 goal was to complete a race each month of the year, and I know that I had no control over my injury, but I don’t want to fall short of my goal.  I’ll see how I feel this weekend.  All I do know is that I am not going to attempt to walk the 13.1 in my walking boot.

I finally did so cardio today at the gym.  I rowed for twenty minutes and it felt good to do some cardio again.  Of course, trying to use the machine with my boot on was as much a workout as the exercise itself.  I couldn’t strap the boot down, so it kept sliding off the machine, and all of this extra movement nearly caused the death of my headphones.  The wire on my Yurbuds got caught in the track of the seat, and now the wires have been stripped down on them.  So, I guess I’m in the market for some new headphones once again.

After my cardio, I completed another modified :30/:30 Warrior Dash circuit.  Today’s circuit included a couple of repeat moves since the vast majority of the circuits focus on a person’s legs.  Today, I did the following:

  • DB Incline Bench
  • DB Lateral Raises
  • DB Front Raises
  • V-Sit on a Bench
  • Pull-Ups
  • Wipers
  • Russian Twists
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Straight Leg Lifts
  • Supermans

Sadly, I noticed today that my strength is not where it was a couple of weeks ago, nor is my stamina.  Now that I have an idea of what I can do at the gym, I need to start pushing it again.  Warrior Dash is only five weeks away, and it would be great not to embarrass myself there.

There are only three episodes each left for Justified and The Walking Dead this season, so that means there will be a significant gap between the end of these seasons and the beginning of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad.  I have been enjoying The Americans and The Following, but neither are near the quality of the other three shows.  But baseball season is starting (Go Braves!), and hopefully my foot heals quickly so I can enjoy the April running weather here in Memphis before the heat becomes too unbearable.


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