Study Break


Tomorrow is the day that I will finally take the GRE, whether I’m ready or not.  I spent the last weekend visiting my parents, and since I didn’t really have an option to do much in the way of a workout, so I mostly did was GRE test prep and played catch up with my family.  Studying has been quite nerve racking, and it would have been beneficial to be able to go for a run to relieve the stress, but I am adapting.  The test will be at 12:30 pm, and hopefully by 5:00 pm, I will have a good hunch if I will have to go through this hell another time or if I should start prepping for classes in the fall.  I’m taking a break from reviewing my notes right now, watching The Following, and I will probably review for another hour or so afterwards.  Prior to the test tomorrow, I’ll work through some sample problems to keep sharp.

Today, I finally did return to the gym, in hopes of doing as complete of a workout as possible. I was planning on rowing and then doing a modified Warrior Dash circuit.  The problem was that my gym no longer has rowing machines outside of the rowing room, and on Monday nights, there is no access without being signed up for one of the classes.  So, that means it will be at least one more day until I get in a full cardio routine.  I did, however, complete my :30 exercise, :30 second rest warrior circuit routine, consisting of the following:

  • DB Bench
  • DB Row (:30 on each side)
  • Bicep Curls
  • Pulldowns
  • Russian Twists
  • Plate Crunches
  • Chair Dips
  • DB Military Press
  • Bicycle
  • Wipers

It felt good to finally get in a workout after my injury, even if it was an abbreviated one.  I really need to figure out a reliable option or two for cardio while I can’t run.  Rowing or swimming would be ideal, but my gym doesn’t have a pool, and my usual gym time is during the peak class times, so I guess I need to get on the list for rowing later in the week.  Memphis did recently open a new facility called the Kroc Center, which has a fitness center, pool, aquatics center, basketball gym, fitness classes, chapel, and auditorium.  The facility has not been open very long, and is state of the art, but the place was at capacity when I toured it at 6:30 pm tonight.  From the reviews that I have read, there is a wait for most machines and a thirty minute time limit on the machines.  Also, I’m not sure on the pool schedule, but tonight, no one could swim because there was some sort of water basketball going on.  I may go check it out one morning this week, to see what the crowds are like before work versus after work.

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