Mid-Week Update


So it has been a couple of days since I have updated my training progress and thought now would be as a good of a time as ever to do so.  After Sunday’s long run, Monday was a scheduled off day, and I was very thankful for that.  During the course of the day Monday, I started to have an intense pain in my right foot.  It felt like someone had stabbed me in the side of the foot and putting pressure on it only intensified the pain.  I have no clue what happened, but it just started hurting.  I wasn’t walking with a limp or anything, and when I wasn’t on the foot, it did not hurt, so I just kind of ignored it.  Yesterday, my foot was still hurting while I was at work, but in a boneheaded move, I decided to try going for a run.  It did not go well to say the least.  My foot hurt the entire time and the pain got so unbearable that I had to stop my run.  I managed to finish one mile at a 9:40 pace.  I was noticeably limping when I came back to the house and immediately started to ice down my foot.  I still have no clue what the issue is, but plantar fasciitis seems to be everyone’s suggestion.  I am going to rest my foot for a day or two and see if it improves.  This is not what I want to endure eleven days before the Germantown Half Marathon, especially a week after being sick, but it is a part of the process I suppose.  I am currently planning on on going to the gym tonight and do some exercises that don’t place too much stress on my foot.  And of course, if the pain persists, I will visit my doctor, but I have already noticed some improvement in how my foot feels today.  We shall see.

In non-running news, Susan and I tried a new pizza place here in Memphis on Monday night.  The restaurant is called Rock ‘N Dough Pizza and originally started as a food truck that had enough success to warrant the opening of the brick and mortar store in addtion to the food truck.  The owner worked at another fantastic local Memphis eatery, Trolley Stop Market.  We went at 7:00 pm on a Monday, not exactly a prime dinner slot, yet the place was steadily busy the entire time we were there.  There is several pizza options and we decided to try the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza since it satisfied both Susan and I’s varied tastes.  Service was much quicker at Rock ‘N Dough when compared to Trolley Stop, which is a major plus.  Provided on the table in addition to your pizzeria standards of Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes was local honey, sriracha, and Tabasco Jalapeno sauce!  We decided on a medium pizza since we were hungry, but a small would have been plenty.  Every pizza we saw leave the kitchen looked fantastic and gigantic!  Our pizza was so big that we both ate until we were full for dinner and the following day at lunch.  I would say that the $21 we spent on the pizza was a great value.  Anyone in Memphis, especially East Memphis, would be well served to give this place a shot.  I know Susan and I will be repeat customers.

This was our monster pizza

This was our monster pizza

I take the GRE in six days and I am feeling woefully unprepared.  I have been studying, but it is quite a wealth of knowledge that I need to grasp for the test.  I kinda feel that I’m a week away from running a marathon after only running a 5K previously.  It has been seven years since I graduated from college and eight since I have had a meaningful class, so I’m a little rusty.  Susan registered me with an IXL account to practice my math, so I guess I will get off of here for now so I can get in some work.


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