Back In The Saddle


After my impromptu rest day yesterday, I made sure to get in a run today.  The temperature never rose above thirty-seven here in Memphis today, so I decided to utilize the gym and the readily available treadmills for my run.  I ran four miles at a 9:34 pace.  I felt great after the run, and definitely could have pushed it a little harder, but I was pleased with the outcome regardless.  I followed the run with a couple of sets of diamond pushups and crunches.  This was all after logging 1,464 stairs while at work today.  I was going to do some TRX or  Warrior Dash circuit, but I was pressed for time and I wanted to make sure that I got my miles in first.  I may try to use the stairs for the rest of the week and see how that goes.

The Four Bridges Half Marathon I’m running in October posts lots of useful information and motivational items on their Facebook page.   They shared the following quote yesterday and I meant to include it in my previous post, but I forgot:

There are plenty of obstacles in your path.  Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. – Ralph Marston

That sums up marathon training fairly well, I do believe.  And I think it applies to my last two days very appropriately as well.  My gym has quotes posted all over the facility and I may have to suggest that they include this one.

After getting back on my workout track earlier, I’m now catching up on my DVR.  First up was the second best show currently on TV, Justified, and I’m now watching The Americans.  Tonight’s episode is tackling the attempted assignation of Ronald Reagan, which made for a very intriguing episode.  Each week, the show gets a little stronger, which gives me high hopes for The Americans comparing favorably to the other highly lauded FX shows.

And one last note, tonight was a goodnight for Memphis basketball.  The Grizzlies beat Rudy Gay and his new team, the Toronto Raptors 88-82, in large part because Gay played his usual selfish and turnover prone fourth quarter.  Toronto is not a good team, but when you part ways with a player, it is always good for morale of a fanbase to perceive that the right move was made.  The Memphis Tigers won for the seventeenth straight time this evening after dispatching the Houston Cougars 81-74.  Chris Crawford finished just one assist short of joining Penny Hardaway and Antonio Anderson as the only Tigers with a triple-double.  Of course Penny had two and is regarded by many as the greatest Tiger of all time and Anderson was in the senior class with the most wins in NCAA history and a Final Four appearance (both vacated because of Derick Rose’s bogus SAT), so including Crawford with that duo may have been a little dubious.

A Little Bit of Everything


Yesterday I did not workout.  I didn’t run nor do my TRX workout, I instead went to an early dinner with the wife and played trivia at our local watering hole, Brookhaven Pub.  Our team, Rum Ham, plays there weekly and, not to brag (because who would brag about something like this?), but we routinely win first place there.  We are currently in the city and region wide finals for bar trivia.  Yes, I am a dork, and yes, this is a real thing.  The payoff is a huge cash pool to the top finishers and free bar tabs at your local spots.  It passes the time.  But, since I skipped my workout, I am “punishing” myself by taking the stairs.  My office is on the eighth floor and the courtroom I work in is in the basement, so there will be plenty of stairs for me today.  Actually, it will be 244 stairs per a one way trip, with a minimum of six trips today.  Add in transporting files up and down from court, and it is a decent way to stay active today.

I ran in a virtual 5K a couple of weeks back called the Chilly Cheeks 5K, hosted by fellow blogger as a fundraiser for a run he is doing.  I finished in a PR 5K time of 26:30, but I guess that comes with an asterisk since it was on a treadmill and not a fully sanctioned event.  But, I’ll take it, none the less.

Yep, there is a bare ass on my wall.

Yep, there is a bare ass on my wall.

I got an email from one of my upcoming races stating that the race date has been rescheduled.  This is the second reschedule for the Run For Your Lives race in Tennessee.  The original date was March 30, which was very convenient for me because I will be closer to Nashville that weekend for Easter, but there was a scheduling conflict on that date apparently and it was pushed back two weeks.  And now today, the date has been moved to November 9, due to another scheduling conflict.  It kind of pissed me off.  I could understand one reschedule, but not two.  Also, the original price structure was set up to reward people for signing up early with lower registration fees.  I signed up on Cyber Monday along with a friend after the first reschedule, the prices lowered and a rebate was not offered to any of the early registrants.  I didn’t get my refund and simply register again for the race race last time, because it was honestly just $5, but I probably should have.  I am tempted to just get my refund and go about my business due to the schedule turmoil.  If they cannot get the schedule right, what else are they going to mess up?  Also, with the wife’s family being season ticket holders for the Ole Miss Rebels, if I decide to still run the race, I will be putting her out a little bit.  What also irks me about the reschedule is that I wanted to run the Oak Barrel 13.1 on April 6, but couldn’t because three races in a row was a little ambitious, and now that I can, registration is closed.  There will be a brief opening of the last 100 spots, but that happens during the Germantown Half Marathon.  We shall see.  At least now I will not have back to back weeks of obstacle races and I won’t be late to my friend’s wedding on the 13th.

I will post about today’s workout later this evening or in the morning.