TRX Tuesday & A Very Short Run


Yesterday was the first time in weeks that I have been able to attend the Tuesday evening TRX class at my gym.  For the longest time, this was the only TRX offering at the gym that I could attend, and now due to my wife’s work schedule, it is hard for me to attend this class regularly.  But she did buy me a TRX home kit, so I can at least get in some workouts despite my sparse class attendance.  I do, however, like to attend the class periodically to try new exercises as well as some exercises that you cannot do using the home kit.  My original plan was to run a couple of miles, do the TRX class, and run a little bit more, but that did not happen quite like I planned.

Before class, I had to go home and let our dog out since I was certain that his eyeballs were floating in head.  After letting Beau run around for a few minutes, I couldn’t just leave him at home alone for thirty minutes until Susan got home,  so we played for awhile, and I didn’t leave until there would be only about a ten minute window between Susan and I being there.  This meant that I was only able to run about a mile on the treadmill before class began.  I still wanted to run a couple more miles after class so I could stay within my usual weekly mileage.  Class, however, was very challenging (which is a good thing) and my legs were rather sore afterwards so I skipped the extra miles.  At least the mile I did run was at a decent pace of 9:20.

I also noticed yesterday that the gym has gotten two new treadmills, so I am excited to try them out sometime this week.  Maybe it won’t be a battle royale in the gym for the two good treadmills anymore.

And on a belated note, it is great that baseball season will be back soon!  Pitchers and catchers reported to camp on Monday!  Go Braves!