Interesting Article


My Facebook page is full of likes for races that I have ran, signed up to run, or would love to run, even it the logistics of doing said race are not favorable.  Besides giving some great information on the specifics of the race, often times the pages will share some training tips and workouts that I might not come across otherwise.  Today, the Seven Bridges Marathon (I am running in their half marathon distance, the Four Bridges Half Marathon in October) shared some training tips from about strengthening your ankles.  It makes sense that you would want to focus on your ankles if you are a runner, but there aren’t too many ankle specific routines being incorporated into circuits at gyms across the nation.  That being said, after reading the article, I noticed that many of the exercises that I do now, especially through TRX, are helping strengthen my ankles, even if I didn’t know it.  So, the following is the article and hopefully you can get some useful tips from it to help with your running goals: