New Shoes


So I finally went on my first run in my new running shoes last night!  I opted to go for a shoe with a little more support than my Nike+ Zoom Vomero 7’s, so I chose the Nike+ Lunarglide 4.  I’ve had them for a few days , but since they are brand new, I didn’t want to have my first run with them on my long run or for a race.  I bought the shoes online without trying them on at a store prior to ordering, so there is always a chance that they will not fit right, but I never really know how good a shoe is until I run in them a couple of times.  The color I chose was electric green, which turned out to be even brighter than I expected, but I am certainly OK with that.  I wanted something that would stand out in the early morning and late evening runs, as well as a pair that I wouldn’t be mistaken for my everyday shoes.

Very bright

Very bright

My Tuesday run was four miles and was right on par with my training over the past few weeks.  I ended up running at a 9:41 pace, but more importantly, I didn’t have any blisters from the new shoes.  I started really slowly with a 10:54 pace through my first half a mile but as I got used to the feel of the shoes, my time improved.  The new shoes were noticeably tighter than my current shoes, but in no way were they uncomfortable nor too small.  They just fit differently than what I have worn over the past several months.  The shoes were very light and I noticed the extra support in the heels from the moment I took my first step.  I am interested to see how my next few training runs with these shoes go, but I will probably wait until after the Germantown Half to wear them on a long run.  There still is plenty of life in my Vomeros and this will afford me the opportunity to actually break in the new shoes properly.

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