Super Bowl Sunday Long Run


Yesterday was my designated weekly long run, and since I decided to indulge a little (or a lot) for the Super Bowl, I didn’t get around to blogging about it.  This week’s distance was ten miles, and I only have two more weeks before I taper for the Germantown Half Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day.  I had another near perfect day for running with temperatures in the low to mid fifties, a steady breeze, and not a single cloud in the sky.  Sunday mornings Susan and I actually cook breakfast instead of my normal cereal and fruit, and despite my looming run, I decide to stick to this routine.  Needless to say, my turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits were not my ideal breakfast prior to a run.  Therefore, I opted for the early afternoon run, hoping that my breakfast would have settled by then.

I started off very sluggishly, posting my slowest split for mile two, which was fifty-one seconds slower than mile one.  The early sluggishness had me second guessing deviating from my norm as much as I did, but as I approached mile five, I realized that I was feeling stronger each mile, even if my time was improving exponentially, and my form was maintaining.  I waited to use my GU until I had logged 6.73 miles.  Ideally, I use it around mile seven for a half marathon, so I was right on pace for that.  I didn’t drink quite as much water during the run as I typically do during training runs, but I never felt that I was depriving myself of water, nor did I think I was in even a remote chance of dehydration.  I tried to steer my route towards as hilly of a terrain as I could find in my neighborhood to help mimic the Germantown course and I was be doing so hill routines on the treadmill at work the next couple of weeks.   Yes, I probably should have been doing this longer, but a couple of week of it is better than no weeks.  The Germantown course has more hills that the St. Jude course, which is the only half marathon course that I have even run, and both are flatter than the Four Bridges course that I will be running in October.

Top: St JudeMid: Germantown
Bottom: 4 Bridges

Top: St Jude
Mid: Germantown
Bottom: 4 Bridges

As you can tell from the comparison of the three course, I should be expecting some new challenges.  I do like that the steepest hill in the Germantown Half is early in the race, I am going to try to run a couple of more segments of the course this month to try to get familiar with it.  I won’t have that luxury with the Four Bridges Half Marathon, so I guess I will rely on Google Maps and the treadmill for that one.

Despite my sluggish start, Sunday’s run was a success.  I finished 10.27 miles with a 10:08 pace, which if I maintain that during the race, I would set a personal record.  My legs felt good after the run and even though I didn’t have the same elevations as my upcoming run, I am still confident about doing well in the race.  One major reason, is because I was able to maintain a consistent pace for most of the run!  Well, except mile two, but my lethargic early run probably helped me maintain the consistent pace later on in the run.

If this run would have been on any other day besides Super Bowl Sunday (except Thanksgiving, I suppose), I probably would have seen positive results on the scale.  But since I enjoyed a few beers, some wings, several dips and a plethora of desserts, I pulled of the rare feat of burning a ton of calories and still gaining weight!  Oh well, I’ll just work a little harder this week to return to my norm.  I have already taken the stairs to my office once today (I’m on the eighth floor) and I will probably at least one more time today.  It will also serve as good training for the hills and my upcoming obstacle races!