It’s Groundhog Day…Again


Today’s blog title is inspired by the 1993 Bill Murray film which happens to be the greatest (maybe only) movie about Groundhog Day, the aptly titled Groundhog Day.  I remember going to see the movie at my hometown’s twin cinema back in ’93 and looking back, I didn’t really appreciate the movie nearly as much as I do now.  And how could I?  I was only eleven, Murray was somewhat distancing himself from his SNL roots comically, and I went to see the movie with my parents.  I’m sure I was expecting to see Ghostbusters or possibly Stripes, but got something a little more refined.  Now, I know it is no Citizen Kane, but I still love this movie and watch it at least around Groundhog Day every year.  Susan, however, hates it, so I have to watch it whenever she is busy doing something else.

Today is the day I usually run my long run for the week, but thanks to the forecast of freezing rain this morning and some prior obligations, the long run has been postponed to Super Bowl Sunday.  One of those prior obligations had me visiting the bustling metropolis of Holly Springs, MS, about a forty-five minute trek from Memphis.  Holly Springs has four things of note, Graceland Too, Rust College, Wal-Mart, and Phillips Grocery.  And I drove by all four today.  Graceland Too is a shrine to Elvis strategically placed roughly halfway between Memphis and Elvis’ birthplace, Tupelo, MS.  We only drove by since we didn’t have the time to go on the tour, but as I understand it, it is rite of passage for slightly to extremely inebriated coeds from Ole Miss.  Since I didn’t actually go in, the only difference that I can point out about about the linked article and what I saw is that Graceland Too is now two shades of blue instead of pink.  Rust College is an old, primarily African-American Methodist college that is probably the only thing that most outsiders have ever heard of in Holly Springs.  The Wal-Mart is notable for a couple of reasons.  One, as in every small, southern town, Wal-Mart tends to be the focal point of all town excitement, and statistically speaking, it is the most shoplifted from Wal-Mart in the world!  The fourth attraction was the one that I was most excited about, Phillips Grocery.  I have been told for years how good the burgers here are, so I am happy to say that I finally have tried one for myself.  And I must report, the burger lived up to the hype!  You pull up to the restaurant, which is an old community grocery store, on an one lane road and it is surrounded by a few other older buildings.  When you walk in, the first thing you notice is two buckets full of MoonPies.  The second, or at least for me, a random fifth of Wild Turkey Bourbon sitting behind the counter.   The place does not have a liquor nor beer license, I am a fairly certain that the owner takes pulls from the bottle whenever he feels the urge.

Not what I expected to see (but maybe I should have)

Not what I expected to see (but maybe I should have)

The place only accepts cash or checks (yes, there are still places that take checks!), and the family that came in after us had a check issue on their previous visit that they were working out with the owner.  I ordered the double cheeseburger and seasoned fries, while my wife and father-in-law both had the single cheeseburger and fries.  Susan also ordered a fried peach pie and he ordered a MoonPie.  With drinks, our meal was only $25, and served quicker than I anticipated.  The burger was seasoned well and very juicy.  The fries were crisp and the bite of the fried pie I had was also fantastic.  Anytime that your travels bring near Holly Springs, you should stop by.

My burger and fries

My burger and fries

Fried peach pie

Fried peach pie

After I talked about getting nice and fat, let me discuss my workout for a minute.  Since today wasn’t going to be a designated run day, I decided to do a Warrior Dash workout.  Today’s home circuit consisted of the following:

  • Pushups
  • Jumprope
  • Squat
  • V-Sit
  • Supermans
  • Chair Dips
  • Lunges
  • Stair Run
  • Glute Bridge
  • Bicycle

I used the twenty seconds of exercise, thirty seconds of rest with two cycles again for today’s workout and next week is when I am going to the :30/:30 split.

I’m getting off of here for now so I can get some dinner and relax a bit.



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