Thursday Training Run & Chilly Cheeks 5K


Today marks the fourth consecutive day that I have run three plus miles, and my legs are a little sore.  Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the 55 degree weather, as well as use my replacement Nike+ watch.  I ran my favorite route through the neighborhood when I got home from work and it felt great!  I ran 4.27 miles at a 9:36 pace.  The roads and sidewalks were much clearer than I was expecting.  Usually after a big storm, the roads in this area are filled with fallen branches and such, but yesterday was not too bad.

Today, I decided to run my Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K since I am going to run my ten mile long run of the week on Sunday.  Originally, I was just going to run the 5K in conjunction with the ten miler, but since Susan and I a couple of obligations to take care of tomorrow, so I decided to postpone the run until Sunday.  Today was quite a cold day, so I guess the Chilly Cheeks 5K is an appropriate name.  The highest temp of the day was 36 degrees, so I decided to run the race on a treadmill at the gym.  My legs were a little tight from the three straight days, but it wasn’t anything that would keep me from running.  I ended up crushing my race today!  I ended up running my 3.1 in 26:30, which is over a minute faster than my previous personal record.  I know it was aided by a treadmill and not in an officially sanctioned event, but I’ll take it.  My time probably would have been even better, but my shoe came untied so I lost some time from having to fix that problem.  I’ll post more about the race when I get the medal and certificate in the mail.  I’ve decided to postpone my Warrior Dash circuit and TRX workouts for tomorrow since I pushed it a little bit during today’s run.

My new shoes haven’t been delivered yet, so I’ll share them when they finally get here tonight.

Quick update on a new TV show that I’m sure that you’ve seen advertised repeatedly over the last six months, The Americans.  The pilot was good, not great.  The show is dark and intense, but forced at times.  Some major plot points were very predictable, but I don’t want to post any spoilers for anyone that may have the show still sitting on their DVR.  I am very intrigued to see the direction the show goes over the course of the season, and like most shows, I am confident that the show will iron out the kinks as the season goes along.  Seinfeld’s first season was terrible, yet it is widely regarded as the best sitcom of all time.  Ratings were great for The Americans and there is no reason the show won’t maintain them for the next few weeks as it gets into its groove.  If you haven’t watched the show yet, I’m certain that FX will show it repeatedly over the next week, so give it a shot.