Wednesday Workout & Some New Toys


Wednesday showed a return to my predetermined workout routine.  My replacement Nike watch had not come yet, so I ran on a treadmill at the gym.  Instead of planning a certain mile goal, I decided to run for thirty minutes then do one of my Warrior Dash circuits.  I kept a 9:31 pace for the entire half hour, so I logged about 3.11 miles.  The display on the treadmill started showing some weird symbols, but simple math and a quick Google search shows me that I’m close on the mileage.  Whenever I run on a treadmill, unless I’m doing a hill workout, I usually set the grade to 2% to help mimic the road a little bit.  I felt great after the run and went straight into the twenty seconds of exercise, thirty seconds of rest on the following circuit:

  • Body Weight Squat
  • DB Incline Press
  • DB Upright Row
  • Glute Bridge
  • Wipers
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Pushups
  • Supermans
  • Bicep Curl
  • Reverse Crunches/Knee to Chest

These circuits are a great followup to my shorter running sessions.  My muscles are warm from the run and the entire circuit takes a little less than twenty minutes to complete.  I can run, complete a circuit, and stretch in about an hour and fifteen minutes!  And despite the short duration, after completing the circuit, I can feel it in the targeted muscle groups.  I still need to try the three at home circuits, but I will probably up my exercise time to thirty seconds per move next week, as well as increasing the dumbbell weight on a couple of the moves as well.  The at home circuits are common moves that most people have done before, so the extra time on those will not be too catastrophic to my health.

Last night I was able to clear a spot and hang up my early Valentine’s Day present in my Man Room/Fortress of Solitude/The Place to Be/Man Cave or whatever I will call it.  Susan gave me the gift early since I accidentally found out what it was by getting home earlier than expected on Tuesday.  She got a me a medal display from Victory Medal Displays.  We both liked the look of this particular display and thought that it would look better in our house than most other displays that we have seen.  I knew I was going to be gifted this display at some point, but I honestly assumed it would be a Christmas gift since I do not have many medals right now.  The display also has a way to hang my bibs from it while keeping a clean look that won’t drive my OCD overboard.  I can even add another one below this if/when I get to that point with race medals.

Once I fill it out some more, it will look even better!

Once I fill it out some more, it will look even better!

I also finally got my replacement watch from Nike yesterday.  Since the color of my previous watch was out of stock, I opted for the anthracite/blue glow version.  After telling my wife about it, so said that was the color she originally was going to get me, but opted for the black/volt (neon yellow or green) since it came with a shoe sensor and the blue did not.  This afternoon should be my maiden voyage with the new and improved Nike+ Sportswatch.

A color combo every Memphis fan would love!

A color combo every Memphis fan would love!

This afternoon looks to be perfect weather to run, which is great since it is going to be cold and rainy the next couple of days.  I ordered a new pair of shoes this week so I could start to break them in before my current running shoes get too worn out.  They shipped quicker than I anticipated and there is an outside chance that I would get them today.  They were at the Memphis UPS facility this morning with an expected early delivery date of today, but I just checked and they are now pushed back until tomorrow for some reason.  Oh well, they really shouldn’t ave been here until Monday, so I can be a little patient.

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