Early Week Training


I didn’t get a run in on Monday since the wife and I went shopping for a new couch.  Currently, we have a gigantic sectional that is much too large for our house, but is very comfortable.  It is a hand me down, and Susan hates it.  We saw a couple of couches we liked last night, but I didn’t want to pull the trigger as of yet.  We shall see.  The original plan was to go to one place and then head back to the house.  If we would have stuck to that, I would have gone for a run, but our first stop was not fruitful, so we went to a few more places.  One of these stops was near my favorite BBQ place, Central BBQ.   I can’t refuse the BBQ nachos there, so that is what I had for dinner, even though they are not remotely runner friendly.  But, they are definitely worth the extra miles and exercises I’ll need to do this week.  A belly full of nachos made me very happy, but also meant I would not be doing any workout that evening.


It is very difficult to finish the full order.

Since Sunday was my rest day, and Monday got away from me, I was crucial that I got in a few miles today.  I was unable to get into the TRX class at my gym, so I just went straight home to run before the weather got bad here in Memphis.  It was 75 degrees and very humid at 5:30 pm, so I decided not to go all out tonight since my body isn’t adjusted to such weather.  I’m still running without my Nike+ watch, so my iPhone subbed in.  Despite the humidity, I felt good on my run, and was able to maintain a 10:00 pace over the 4.27 miles.  I started very strong, but tapered off a little bit on mile three.  It is weird, if I would have this weather in three months, I would run all day long, but since it is January, it zaps me.  I drink lots of water daily, but I knew that I sweated most of that out tonight, so I didn’t attempt to do any TRX after the run.  So, I’m still behind my weekly workout goals, but I’m not too upset because I should have time and flexibility to incorporate the extra workout in later in the week.

Susan also gave me a Valentine’s Day gift early today (only because I got home first and accidentally saw it), but I will post about it once I get it displayed in my man room at the house.  The gift was a medal display for my growing race medal collection.

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