Saturday Long Run


I meant to post yesterday, but nothing really went to plan, so I didn’t get around to it.  Yesterday was slated to be my long run for the week, and looking at the weather, it was going to be a perfect day for a run.  Too bad, nothing went rights for me.

I usually sleep in a little bit on the weekends, but Saturday I took it a little to the extreme.  I stayed in bed until about 10:00 am, and once I finally forced myself to get up, I was in a fog.  Since my plan of going for a morning run was completely shot, I got some breakfast for Susan and me, and we watched some TV.  I’m sure this would make my allergist happy since he is adamantly opposed to me running in the mornings.  It was during our mini marathon of Hoarders that I decided to target 2:30 pm as my running time.  The weather was going to be nearly perfect, 55 degrees and sunny, with a slight breeze.  Also, it would mean that my entire run would happen in the daylight hours and it wouldn’t conflict with too much else I wanted to do.  So after Hoarders, I started to clean and box some stuff up for Goodwill, since that show seems to put me in the spring cleaning frame of mind.  I was just doing some piddling chores around the house, when I noticed that it was 2:20!  So I grabbed my running gear and started to get ready for my run.

I ate a banana and looked at my Nike+ Sportswatch and noticed the screen was completely blank.  I hit every button on the watch, and still nothing, so I plugged it in and the battery icon popped up showing the watch as being completely dead.  Great, more delay.  So as the watch was charging, I decided to mess with the dishwasher.  I hadn’t been able to locate the part that I need, but I ran the dishwasher for a cycle with no dishes to see what happened.  Probably not my smartest decision in life, but since the dispenser had been  temperamental in the past, I thought maybe a two week hiatus would help prolong its life.  So, when the cycle was finished, I opened up the dishwasher and it had worked!  I was happy, and even though I was still going to replace the part, I was relieved that I might not to hand wash every dish in the house for a couple more weeks.  I loaded the dishwasher and checked my watch.  Roughly 30%.  So I start some laundry and watch some basketball on TV.  Another thirty minutes passed and I checked the watch again.  About 70%, great.  I do a couple more chores and check the watch again at 4:00 pm.  It’s near 100%, but has all the wrong info on the screen.  I reset the time and date, gather my gear, and head outside.  I link the watch with the satellite and start my nine miles.  I get to the first stop sign, and check to make sure my watch is working properly.  It was showing all zeros, so I was a little pissed.  I head back to the house and put the sensor in my shoe and link it to the watch.  I do a practice run for a about thirty seconds, and the watch is producing a pacing time and showing distance traveled.  I head back on my route, kinda upset with all of the issues that I’ve had with the watch, but it still feels good outside and I am still getting my miles in.

The plan was to run the first couple of miles of my most traveled route, then adventure out a bit to get the needed miles without just doing laps.  I glanced at my watch around what should be mile one to check my pace since I was feeling rather lethargic still and I was curious what the numbers would say.  My watch was showing .02 miles traveled! Really?  I’m angry about this, but I was determined to complete my run.  I decided to improvise my route a little bit so I knew how far I was going.  I would have used my phone to track the run, but I just upgraded a couple weeks back and didn’t want to go through all of the setup.  I ran my usual course in the neighborhood twice, which is about 4.25 miles, and then from my house to the end of the block and back for the additional half a mile.  I don’t have an 100% accurate time or pace, but from the time I left my house the second time until I returned was about one hour and thirty three minutes, so I’ll say my pace was just over ten minutes per mile.  I let my watch run the entire time and after the hour and a half, it displayed that I had ran .26 miles!  So, I guess of using this watch until Nike sends me my replacement is out the window.

I checked my claim status on the watch after I showered, and it said that replacement approval was still pending! Great, I was quoted five to ten business days to get get my replacement, and since that is a deadline of Thursday, I’m not overly optimistic that the deadline will be met.  And then this afternoon, Nike contacted and informed me that my watch is out of stock so I needed to pick a new color.  I did, and then I asked when I should expect it.  I was told by the end of the week, or very likely early next week.  I informed the guy that I placed the claim on the 16th, and would appreciate them upholding their original deadline.  He said he will do what he can, but they don’t process orders on the weekend.  But they called and emailed me today, a Sunday, about processing my order.  The craziest part is that I live less than ten miles from where the watch is going to be shipped from, and the guy I spoke with is also in Memphis!  He said that they ship next day air, buy even the post office would get it to me on the next day!  Heck, at this rate, just let me drive to the facility and pick it up myself!  We shall see if I ever get my replacement watch or not.  I was also informed that the new color I chose does not come with a Nike+ sensor, but should work with the one I got with my original watch.  We shall see, I suppose.

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