Thursday Run & Some Randomness


I woke up today to sore calves and shoulders, so I decided to run after work, hoping that my legs would feel a little bit.  Sadly, after work, I was still sore, but I decided to run anyway.  And of course I have run outside twice this week and once indoors.  The temperature for both outdoor runs was in the 30’s and the indoor run was on a 55 degree day.  I sure scheduled those runs correctly…  And, if it wasn’t for my wife, I would have worn my beanie out for 2 minutes of my run, and carried it for the next 40.  So, thanks for that babe.

I hoped that my legs would loosen up a little during my run, but that didn’t happen until I hit mile four, but I still kept a decent pace.  I ended up running 4.21 miles at a 9:49 pace, which very close to what I have been doing the past few weeks.  And looking at my splits, I did notice that as my legs finally loosened up, my time drastically improved.  All and all, I felt that it was a good run.

This blog is primarily focused on running, but I had to celebrate a couple of big moves for teams that I follow.  First, the Atlanta Braves acquired Justin Upton form Arizona.  The move gives the Braves one of the top two or three outfields in all of baseball, and they didn’t have to give up too much to get him when you consider all the factors (salary, contract years, the top five Braves prospects didn’t get traded, his brother is a Brave).  But, I won’t bore you with my trade analysis.  And secondly, Zach Randolf was named to the Western Conference All Star team today!  He becomes the first Grizzly to ever be named to multiple all star games, so that is quite exciting as well.  Also, last night, when the Grizz thumped the Lakers, the only three Grizzly all stars ever were on the court in the form of ZBo, Marc Gasol, and playing for LA, Marc’s brother Pau, the first Grizzly all star.

I know I made fun of all the ads a couple posts ago, but Susan and I DVR’d The Following on Monday night.  We watched it last night after dinner, and where as it is not on par with Breaking Bad or Justified, it was still quite an intense show and I am intrigued to see if Fox can keep it up for fourteen more episodes.

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