Icepocolypse 2013


So Mother Nature did not agree with my workout plans thus far this week.  Freezing rain and sleet on Monday meant running outside was a no go.  Something about icy sidewalks makes running extremely difficult.  And since I live in Memphis instead of Minneapolis, frozen precipitation means this entire town shuts down.  So, unfortunately, no treadmill time at the gym.  Monday and Tuesday consisted of TRX at the house, Seinfeld reruns on TBS, and quality time with the wife.  I would have loved to get a quick run in, but at least I stayed busy.

Today, I was finally able to log some miles.  I hit the gym after work and was able to grab one of the good treadmills at the gym.  [Side bar: my gym has 6 treadmills, 1 is only for walking, 2 are under 5 years old, and the other 3 have seen better days.  Of course, walkers NEVER use the treadmill reserved for walking, but rather the 2 good treadmills.  People literally race to get to the good treadmills at 4:30 each afternoon.]  My run, however, was not great.  I was lethargic from the first step.  I completed 3.15 miles at a 9:45 pace, so it definitely could have been worse.  It sucks that that is back to back bad runs, but it happens.  After running, I did some pullups, planks, and stretching before heading home.

The worst part of the training was the fate of my Nike+ GPS watch.  Around mile 1, I noticed that I could barely make out the digits on the watch due to condensation.  This was quite upsetting.  I was given the watch less than two months ago and I really shouldn’t be having issues with it.  When I got home, I told Susan about it and I could tell she was not happy.  She called Nike+ customer service when I hopped in the shower and they were great.  They are replacing my watch free of charge, including shipping.  Let’s hope I just got a lemon and my new one will work better for me.


This is over an hour after I got home