Saturday = Long Distance Day


With my current training plan, Saturdays are my designated long run days, even though I should probably move it to Sundays since my longer races are on Sunday mornings, but oh well.  I am operating on an abbreviated running schedule compared to what I have run the past two falls, but it still will sufficiently stretch me out for the Germantown Half Marathon in March.  I will be adding a mile a week to each long run, and change up my mid-week runs a little bit as well.  Last week I ran six miles, so this week I was slated for seven, and it was not an ideal day for that.  It has been unseasonably warm here in Memphis and it has rained heavily the past three days.  The rain on Thursday led to me only doing a TRX workout for about 40 minutes and made my runs on Friday and Saturday slightly different than I had planned.

Friday, I did a mile sprint with Beau, and it wasn’t too bad.  We checked in at an 8:47 pace on our sprint.  We both felt good after the run, even if it was slightly slower than Tuesday evening.  Once back at the house, I did some pushups and crunches while waiting on Susan to get home from work.  Once Susan did return home, I went back out for a few more miles.  I ended up running 4.23 more miles at a 9:58 pace.  The roads and sidewalks were very wet and muddy, so my normal road run was more like a trail run.  By the time I headed back out for the additional miles, it was dark outside, so lots of these mud puddles came as a surprise as I would slosh through them!  All and all, it was still good to get back out there for a scheduled run.

Today, the weather was a much more brutal than is the norm for January.  It rained all morning, so when I finally got out there, water was standing everywhere.  I didn’t let it deter me and I headed out to the pavement.  Not sure if it was the 90% humidity or the temperatures in the low 70’s, but from the first step, I could tell that this was not going to be a fun run.  Mile 1 went well, but by mile 2, my socks were waterlogged and the sweat was pouring.  Avoiding the puddles and mud compromised my stability, so I just started blasting right through them.  At mile 4, I was strongly considering cutting my losses and head back home, but I squashed those thoughts and kept at at it.  Mile 5 ended up being my slowest of the day, but I rebounded nicely on miles 6 & 7 to bring my pace back to 10:15,  As I made my last stride home, I was completely dead.  I actually felt like I had run ten or eleven miles.  I did my stretches, re-hydrated, and celebrated that my run was over!  We all have those days I suppose, and I was actually pleased with my pace.  If I kept that pace for an enter half marathon, it would result in a personal record, so that is a positive to take from today.